Have you ever been in a situation where no matter how hard you try the numbers just don’t add up? If you are in the trucking business chances are the answer is yes; if not you directly then a subordinate, accountant, or clerk. Lets face it as a fact of life, there will be discrepancies and companies of all sizes need tools to maximize efficiency and keep the competitive edge. Enter trucking log book software from Masslogics. With the ability to record and track many variables trucking log book software maximizes profitability while minimising overhead.

Many competitors may offer substitutions but only trucking log book software from Masslogics brings you the full package. Audit driver logs, record and store driver statistics so that you can manage any violations to company or Department of Transportation regulations. Manage your fleets work load and have the flexibility to redistribute routes for better efficiency. Use trucking log book software to compare mileage from drivers logs against estimate data from Masslogics other software including trucking dispatch and fuel management.

There are few things more unsettling than solutions designed by companies unfamiliar with the industry they work in. Masslogics was founded by well seasoned transportation professionals for trucking professionals and includes the things you need most, and many you didn’t even know you needed.  Ttrucking log book software from Masslogics was developed to include everything you need to stay ahead of the industry, and to include the new CSA2010. 

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