‘If you own and/or operate a professional trucking business you know how daunting it can be to bounce back from a busy season or to transition into a growth increase. It serves its self as a major undertaking even for the most seasoned professionals to make these troubling times run smoothly, even with the addition of extra support staff there are inevitable costs to recruit and train those individuals. What is a responsible manager to do in situations like this? We at MassLogics have the answer you are looking for. We are proud to present our customers with our trucking business software.

What benefits do trucking business software from Masslogics offer? Why I’m glad you asked! Trucking business software is a one stop shop for all things your prospering enterprise needs. This software package allows you to manage customers keeping a centralized database of information on rates and customer specific fuel surcharges.

Masslogics trucking business software also allows your company to manage drivers more effectively. With the click of a button one can file or update driver contact information, pay, and Department of Transportation statistics.

It is also possible with this software to manage shipments with easy data entry screens, have full access to the dispatch boards with one-click updates, even sort your data to find specific jobs in the system.

Reports are a simple click away. Trucking business software offers simplicity in sorting and maintaining all types of reports.

Accounting has never been easier than with Masslogics trucking business software. Quickly create, edit, and send electronic invoices. Keep track of all customer data including credit limits, payments, and partial payments. Easily log other expenses such as insurance. Lastly our accounting software allows you the flexibility to push any or all of this data into Quickbooks.

You can manage vendors by creating a company Rolodex of centralized information for repair shops and then using that tool to sort the shops by service, location, and ratings.

Last but certainly not least our trucking business software allows for maintaining a central hub of maintenance information and costs for the life of your equipment.

 As you can see we at Masslogics offer our trucking business software package to consumers because, as responsible trucking professionals, we have the knowledge and experience to understand our customers needs. Our software concepts have been tested time an again by the best focus group available, our own trucking business. At Masslogics we pride ourselves when we say our software was developed by trucking/transportation seasoned professionals.