In the trucking business there are lots of details to oversee. Customers, drivers, equipment, maintenance on the equipment, fuel, taxes, fuel taxes… the list goes on and on. Unless you have an IQ north of 150 or can explain what the Federal Reserve does, you probably need help keeping everything straight. You need something to keep all these details in one place and easy to find.  That’s where Masslogics comes in.  Masslogics is web-based software (that’s right, software on the web!) that keeps your trucking information organized and at your fingertips.  From calculating your IFTA Report, to reminders when your drivers’ DOT physicals expire, Masslogics provides the best help available for your trucking operation.  And it’s all online so you can access it from any computer, anywhere, anytime.

If you’r a trucker let Masslogics help you to be more successful by using state of the art web based (cloud computing) technology today!


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