President Obama has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) to develop national standards for heavy truck fuel economy and reduced emissions by 2014. The goal is to increase fuel efficiency and decrease the greenhouse gas pollution caused by the heavy commercial vehicles.

Fuel savings can be achieved and pollution reduced immediately if you order speed governors already installed on heavy trucks to be set at 65 mph.  Here are the reasons why – Excessive speed is the largest single factor in reduced fuel mileage for heavy trucks.   The smartest way to increase fuel efficiency and to reduce pollution is to limit the top speed the heavy trucks travel at.

Heavy trucks consume more than two million barrels, plus of oil a day and emit over 20 percent of greenhouse gas pollution related to transportation and trucking.  According to some of the leading manufacturers of medium and heavy-duty trucks, by reducing its speed by 10 mph, a truck is able to accomplish roughly a 16.6 percent improvement in fuel economy.

If a heavy truck’s speed goes from 75 mph down to 65 mph, it’s been shown it is able to gain a one mile per gallon savings.   To a truck that only gets six or seven miles a gallon, that can be a very significant savings.  And when you’re running a fleet of a hundred trucks, the savings can be huge.

Increase the bottom line at your company and reduce pollution at the same time by simply reducing your driving speed a little.