GPS TrackingWhile GPS tracking systems have been available on the market for some time, it has only become a viable option for small to mid-sized trucking companies in recent years.  For those unfamiliar with GPS tracking, these systems offer much more than just showing the location of the vehicle on a map.  The additional information this technology provides includes (but is not limited) to the following:

  • Vehicle current direction, current speed, average speed, max and min speeds over various time spans
  • Detailed stop information:  when, where, how long, idling or not idling, etc.
  • Detailed engine statistics including exact fuel economy, and any warning signals being displayed to the driver
  • Detailed mileage information including miles travelled for any time span, broken down by state or other geographical distinction

If ever there was a tool specially designed for an industry, GPS technology is a must-have for any trucking company who is serious about their business.  It provides so much data about the fleet that the ROI for most systems is very short.  When you combine it with a Transportation Management System like Masslogics you get an unbeatable system for monitoring your business.  You will know every minute of every day and for every mile exactly how profitable your fleet is.  If information is power, then Masslogics with GPS is a SUPERPOWER.

Now with Hand-Held devices coming into play, this can be directly interfaced with a good Transportation and Trucking Management Software system, to further maximize your efforts!



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