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Faster Invoicing Means You Get Paid Faster!

Once the freight load has been delivered, it is critical to handle the money quickly and accurately.  That’s where the power of Masslogics trucking accounting software truly shines. Creating customer invoices and driver settlements literally take just a few clicks. The Billing & Payroll module reduces a tremendous amount of administrative hours.

The typical trucking company saves 1 admin hour per week per truck.

One-click Invoices

  • Create invoices with a single or several jobs
  • Use the shipment Pro Number as the Invoice Number, or choose your own starting invoice number to sync with pre-existing numbers
  • Powerful Batch Invoice feature creates multiple invoices to multiple customers at once
  • Email the invoice with attached images directly from the system
  • Send all this data to your QuickBooks with the QuickBooks Export to reduce double entries

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Settlements (Payroll)

  • Create Settlements with all the items for a particular pay period
  • You can include pay-to items (jobs), deductible items (advances), and reimbursable items
  • Use the Batch Settlement feature to create all the Driver Settlements for the pay period in less than 5 minutes.  All of them.

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Trucking accounting software for trucking invoices.
Trucking accounting software for settlements and payroll.