Trucking Software Manage People

Built-in Modules

Customers, Drivers, Rates & More

Masslogics comes with built-in modules to manage every part of your business. The Customer module stores locations and contact information for easy access. The Driver module stores contact info and payment details so their settlements get calculated automatically. The Rate and Fee modules allow you to customize your billing structure of base line haul rates and acessorial fees to fit any business model.

The Customer List provides lots of information in a single glance.


  • Presorted alphabetically by customer name, you can alter the view by sorting on any other column, and search for any specific column value
  • The list shows which customers have been synchronized with your QuickBooks Accounting Software
  • Customize the view by adding, removing, or re-arranging the columns
  • Important customer info without looking at an accounting report
  • Easy to control how many records display on the screen

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The Driver list shows all the important information in one view.


  • Full names listed
  • Expiration dates for Physical Card and Drivers License
  • Which truck and trailer they are assigned to
  • Their cell phone number plus additional info:  email address, fuel card number, last drug test, etc.


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Driver List

Billing Rates and Fees are fully customizable:


  • Give each rate it’s own custom name
  • Set the billing unit
  • Set the billing amount. Rate will automatically calculate based on values used in shipment entry (such as mileage).
  • Assign rates to specific customers if they only apply to those customers’ shipments.

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Customizable Billing Rates