Trucking Software Scanning and Faxing

In-System Faxing & Scanning

Nobody does faxing like Masslogics does!

We support both outbound and inbound faxing.  Use outbound for system generated forms such as Rate Confirmations or Invoices, and for stored images such as scanned BOLs or standard carrier packet forms.  Use inbound faxing with Auto-Attach for getting documents into the system from drivers on the road.

Inbound Faxing

That’s right, you can receive inbound faxes in your Masslogics Software.  Simply set up any web-fax account with any service of your choosing, and we’ll set up the rest.  When any fax is sent to that number, it will show up in your Masslogics Document list and you can attach it to anything in the system. The list is endless.

  • Rate Confirmations
  • Driver Contracts
  • Signed Bills of Lading

Trucking Software Faxing Receive

Outbound Faxes

Any document in Masslogics can be sent out via fax.  This is a built-in feature and requires no additional setup. Send to as many as three separate fax numbers at once.

  • Invoices
  • Rate Confirmations (when brokering loads)
  • Carrier Packets
  • Driver Packets
  • Any Stored Documents

Trucking Software Faxing Send

Document Scanning With Auto-Attach

Want real automation? Use the Auto-Attach feature with document scanning.  The Masslogics load printout comes with a special bar code (shown to the right) that when faxed back into the system it will attach itself and any accompanying pages to the load record.  So when that driver from the road faxes in his load packet, the system will automatically attach those documents to the correct load.

No scanner? No problem. Our system allows you to use your fax machine as a scanner and converts all inbound faxes to PDF files. You can even add and remove pages from the PDF file once it is in our system.

Trucking Software Bar Code Scanning