Trucking Software Integration Solution


Powerful Automation for Super-Efficiency!

The Masslogics Trucking Software system by itself will make your business much more efficient. But integrating our system with your outside partners will turn your business into a powerhouse.

QuickBooks Accounting Software

Since 95% of small businesses already use QuickBooks, it was a natural choice to integrate with this accounting platform instead of trying to compete with it.

  • Export the Invoices
  • Export the Driver Settlements (payroll)
  • Coming Soon – exporting Expenses, and importing Invoice payment data

Fuel Card Programs

Fuel purchases must be tracked, but entering them manually is just too slow. We have integrated with the following fuel card providers so your fuel purchases will be automatically imported for you.

  • Fleet One
  • EFS
  • Comdata

  • TCH
  • T-chek
  • Wright Express

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange*

If you have one or more high-volume customers, an EDI connection can save a great deal of data entry. When your customer tenders the load to you, it will be automatically imported into your Masslogics system and show up in the Dispatch view.  All you need to do is assign the Driver. While the load is in transit, Masslogics will automatically send in-progress updates back to your customer’s system. Then when the invoice is created, that will automatically send out as well.

*Fees may apply