Trucking Software Auto Rating


Auto Rating

Rate tariffs can be complex. Looking them up in a spreadsheet is time consuming, and updating those spreadsheets is even worse. With the Auto-Rating feature in Masslogics you can define geographical zones by state or zip code, and create zone-to-zone rates.



Step 1 – Define the Zones

Zones can be either states or zip codes, or groups of states or zips.  Maybe Zone 1 is the North East – from Maine to Maryland and over to Ohio.  Or maybe it’s the set of zip codes within 50 miles of your terminal.  Either way, you define what’s included in that zone.

Step 2 – Define the Zone-to-Zone Rates

Once your zones are established, all you have to do next is set the rate.  The most typical truckload rates are mileage based.  So as a truckload carrier you may define Zone1-to-Zone2 as $1.85/mi.  And if Zone2 is more challenging to find backhauls, you can define Zone2-to-Zone1 for a higher amount.

If you run a distribution model, your rates may be based on pallets, weight, or volumes.  Maybe you have minimum rates, or maximum rates, or a combination of both.  Our rating engine can handle complex tariffs, no matter what your billing units are.

Step 3 – Create your Shipment

Now that your zones and rates are defined, when you create the shipment the rate will automatically populate based on the locations you enter. No more looking up rates!

Trucking Software Auto Rating Zones