Lets face a fact of life in every business. In order to function properly you must know where your money is and what it is doing. In years past this meant that any trucking enterprise operated two fleets. One was the fleet of trucks which carried their cargo to generate profit. The other fleet to be maintained were droves of accountants relentlessly pouring over data to save every cent possible for a companies bottom line. Sadly the same professionals that saved so much also cost so much.

Enter trucking accounting software from Masslogics. With a few clicks anyone managing your fleet can have access to a wealth of information. Trucking accounting software customization allows for the data to arrange its self in any number of ways specifically geared towards the all important goal of making your dollar work harder for you.

Customers may be asking how a new piece of trucking accounting software will help their business. Anyone who has ever had the unfortunate task of hauling sail boat fuel will tell you that sort of transportation is not very profitable. Those dreaded empty miles transporting no cargo can easily nibble at profit margins until there is nothing left.

With a software package from Masslogics you can couple the operations data with the accounting data, all with a seamless integration with QuickBooks® for even more accounting horsepower. Plug in GPS tracking software andIFTA software with trucking accounting software to investigate more ways to stave off those profit trimming empty miles.

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