In today’s high tech world, document imaging is almost becoming the standard in most industries. But while creating scanned image from a physical paper document, or opening an electronic document that someone has sent to you has become standardized, sharing them has not.

It is no longer acceptable to simply create the electronic document, one must be able to share those documents with other parties who need them. Sure you can use a flat bed scanner and create a JPEG or PDF file, but then you must manually send that file to everyone who needs it, exactly when they need it. Shouldn’t there be a better way to share such information? A way for each person who needs a document to be able to find it and print it at the time they need it instead of requesting it from you? Document requests are interruptions and produce a major drag on the efficiency of an office. Full time employees can be devoted to fulfilling the requests for documents from customers or others involved in a transaction. What a waste of resources!

Now, there’s a better way. Masslogics has Document Sharing! A way not only to create the document, but to store it, and to send it to your customer at the time they need it.

Here’s how it works. You can use a standard fax machine to fax a paper document directly into the software. This is just like using a document scanner, but saves the step of uploading the file. Then once the file is stored, you can attach it to anything in the software like a driver’s profile or a truck. Most importantly you can attach it to a shipment. Once attached, the file gets sent to people you designate automatically at specific times they need it. For instance, once the shipment is delivered, the signed Bill of Lading is sent via email to the person who generated the order with your customer or shipper. Once the invoice is created, the signed BOL is sent with the invoice via email to your customer’s billing department.

So, without having to wait for such requests for these documents, Masslogics makes sure everyone who needs these important documents has them at the right times. Document imaging is a great step forward for those who use paper documents only. But if you really want to use the power of technology to help your business, use software with document sharing.