Some truckers had hoped that they would be allowed to drive for longer periods of time without stopping for required down time, but that’s not going to be the case. The good news is, though, that the limit is staying at eleven hours.

The government had wanted to reduce it to ten hours, but there was a lot of concern from the trucking industry that things would not arrive on time and money would be lost. Safety, of course, was the big concern with the hour limit.

It was hypothesized that the eleven hour limit caused too many tired truckers to be driving around, and that meant that they could be dangerous for themselves and others. There was no actual evidence that this was a problem, and there was no proof that truckers who drove eleven hours on average caused any more accidents than those who drove ten hours. In addition, log books would have to be reprinted and there would be other costly measures that would have to be addressed. Leaving the limits alone can avoid all of those kinds of problems.